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My Beautiful Scars


Tackling the issues of feminism, love, loss and self acceptance, My Beautiful Scars is a collection of poetry that celebrates the journey towards self discovery. These poems delve into my personal world and explore the intricacies of human emotion.

Published July 2018.

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shelley hall artist

Curved Lines


A selection of poetry lived and written over several years. Deeply personal, it examines the human condition through the inner workings of my emotional life.  

These poems came about during times of self reflection and explore both the dark and light aspects of my experiences.

Published May 2017.

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Also available from the Girls on Key Bookshop

Street Life in South and South East Asia


Of all the places in the world, Asia would have to be one of the most dynamic and interesting. With a history that dates back thousands of years, it is now at a point where modern culture is meeting with a traditional way of life creating a unique diversity.


This book is a visual journey through the streets of India, North and South Vietnam and Cambodia. Taken entirely on an iphone 5, these images are raw and spontaneous snapshots of everyday life, depicting the people and culture of lesser travelled places.

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Catcher's Keeper

(Children's book)



Based loosely on my own personal experiences, this story was written for children and young adults alike and tackles some deeper issues such as self acceptance, social judgement and non-conformity.  


Beautifully presented, this book is a collaboration between two artists and has been illustrated by hand in watercolour.  


Published March 2018.

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