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My current work is a continuation of an ongoing exploration of self and my connection to the natural world. 


Using a combination of oil painting, poetry and observation, this series touches on the dynamic and poetic relationship between femininity and renewal, both individually and with the environment.  The works are in response to a recent move from rural Victoria to inner city Melbourne where I have focused on the thriving aspects of nature existing within a populated city.  A number of works were also completed during Covid lockdown, adding layers of light, dark, death and rebirth.


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Towards Self


Presented as works on paper, this series of ephemeral self portraits examine the human condition and the relationship we have with our inner selves.


Symbolising duality and self acceptance, my etching Towards Self provided a framework for this series of paintings that explore my inner world.  Using a wide range of media, they are an insight into the Jungian archetype of the shadow self and reflect the mutability of human emotion. 


​My poetry book My Beautiful Scars was launched as part of this exhibition.


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Combining painting, poetry and video, Upsurge is centred around the experience of an emotional journey. 


Presented as an allegory, this body of work came about after a difficult period in my life dealing with loss and illness.  The emotional journey is a rite of passage that many of us experience at some point in our lives. While often challenging, it is an integral part of the human condition that can ultimately lead to a renewed sense of hope and personal transformation. 


This exhibition pays homage to that process.

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A Sense of Place


There's a commonplace beauty in the minutia of our day-to-day existence. In this day and age, our experience is filled with images of exotic locations and material objects, and we often take for granted our own surroundings.

Drawing upon a range of everyday subjects, I have focused on compositions that represent my connection to my immediate environment.  Presented as personal snap shots of my own exterior world, I have used the human figure and the Central Victorian flora and landscape as subjects in my work. By working spontaneously, I have sought to capture themes of intimacy, femininity and attachment.

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Beneath the Layers



My recent work is based on familiar scenes, personal objects and experiences centred around my immediate environment. 


Focusing on painting what I see around me, I have explored the intricacies of detail often found within seemingly simple compositions.  Flowers from my garden, my partner and dropped clothes form the basis of these paintings.  Most of the works are small in size, creating an intimate connection between the paintings and the viewer.

shelley hall artist

Works from Central Victoria



Inspired by a recent move to Central Victoria, I have created a series of paintings, etchings and sculpture responding to the local landscape and environment.  Central Victoria was once a significant gold mining region, resulting in a landscape affected by a loss of biodiversity and erosion.  Today, there is still evidence of this with rocky outcrops and expansive vistas set against a regenerating landscape.


This work was shown as part of the Open Studio Program at the Castlemaine State Festival 2013.

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